Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair transplant turkey treatment is a method frequently used by people with hair loss problems today. Hair loss problem causes psychological, sociological, and aesthetic problemsin the person. Therefore, transplant hair treatment is applied. In the past, people with hair loss problems camouflaged the bald area with a hat, wig, olive branch (eg Julius Cesar). As a
result of the development of modern medicine and new treatment methods in the field of aesthetics, hair transplant turkey treatment is applied today. Hair transplantation is performed comfortably and reliably. Therefore, both psychological and aesthetic problems of patients with hair loss problems are prevented.

How does hair transplant work??

The most common type of hair loss is male pattern baldness. In this type of hair loss, the hair
on the back of the neck between the two ears remains lush. It appears that there is spillage or
dilution in front of them. Many people wonder how does hair transplant work. Hair transplant
treatment is actually a tissue transplant procedure. The tissue transferred during the treatment
is also taken from the person himself. The follicles taken from the nape area where the hair is
thick are placed in the shed or diluted area. It is a procedure performed under local anesthesia
and takes an average of 5-8 hours.

The newest technology used in hair transplant treatment is the FUE method. The size of the
grafts, the frequency and direction of hair transplantation directly affect the success and
naturalness of the result. With the FUE technique applied under local anesthesia, the person
has natural looking hair as if it were his own hair. This is a short answer to the question of
how does hair transplant work.

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Before and after hair transplant

People who want to have a hair transplant should first choose an experienced specialist in their field. Otherwise, the risk of failure of the treatment is very high. Before the hair transplant treatment, a detailed examination process is experienced, and treatment planning is carried out. Today, FUE and FUT methods are frequently used in hair transplant treatment. There are things to do before and after hair transplant.

Before hair transplant The points to be considered before hair transplant treatment can be listed as follows:

– 15 days before the hair transplant processes, any drug with blood thinning effect should not be used or aspirin should not be taken.

– About 1 week before the processes, green tea and other herbal teas, omega-3 or fish oil should not be consumed.

– Alcohol should not be consumed 1 day before the hair transplant.

– Before the processes, a shower should be taken in the morning.

– On the day of hair transplantation, you should have breakfast in the morning. You
should not go to the clinic hungry.

After hair transplant

There are some points to be take care of before and after hair transplant. If we talk about the points after hair transplant the points can be listed as follows:

– The area that hair transplanted should be left uncovered, there is no need for any dressing.

– The hair transplantation area should be protected from traumatic situations such as impact, hit, friction, to the maximum extent. Hats, caps, and similar clothes should not be used for the first week.

– To prevent edema after the transplantation, the sleeping position should be arranged in a way that the hair transplanted area does not touch the pillow and bed sheet.

– Bending forward should be avoided for the first few days after hair transplantation.

– Alcohol consumption should be avoided for a few days after the transplantation.

After the hair transplant treatment, the doctor’s recommendations should be followed completely. Recommended drugs should be used without interruption. Failure to disrupt the controls in hair transplantation is also among the important factors affecting the
success of the treatment.

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Method of Hair Transplant: FUT Method

The FUT method, which is the abbreviation of Follicular Unit Transplantation, is the transfer of hair in the form of clusters. Hair follicles taken from the scalp are first evaluated in a laboratory environment. After this evaluation, hair clusters are separated. Then, it is placed in the area to be transplanted under suitable conditions. Today, there are much more comfortable methods as an alternative to the FUT method. For this reason, this method of hair transplant, the FUT method, is not preferred much.

Method of Hair Transplant with FUE Method

FUE in hair transplantation is the abbreviation of Follicular Unit Extraction. In this method, the hair should be cut very short. It is the process of separating the micrografts taken from the hairy area in the laboratory and placing them in the area to be transplanted. During this application, local anesthesia is usually required.

How Many Sessions Does Hair Transplant Treatment Take?

Hair transplant treatment is carried out by adhering to the planning. The application time may vary depending on the technique to be used and the width of the application area. At the same time, in cases where a single session is not enough (more than 2500-3000 roots), the hair transplantation process is completed with an additional session.

The Price of Hair Transplant

The surgeon’s experience, the new technology and the quality of the devices to be used are decisive on the price. However, it is not possible to charge a price on the internet for hair transplantation. The price of hair transplant treatment depends on the size of the shedding and thinning and can be determined because of the examination. Then it can be decided which method of hair transplant will be used.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair loss is a very common problem. For this reason, hair transplantation is an aesthetic operation that is widely applied in Turkey. 100-150 hair loss per day is considered normal. However, in cases where there are more hair loss and hair thinning begins to occur, hair loss becomes a problem that needs to be treated. Male pattern hair loss is generally seen in Turkey.
The reason is genetic. Hair loss in women is due to anemia and hormonal changes after childbirth. The person should be examined to determine the appropriate method of hair transplant and to learn the reasons.

Hair transplant treatment is the only method of replacing the hair after it begins to shed. Hair loss can be delayed with some treatments. However, these treatments cannot regrow the shed hair. Hair growth products sold in the market also do not have a scientifically proven effect. For this reason, the most effective hair loss treatment is hair transplantation.

Hair transplant treatment is a painless procedure performed under local anesthesia. Today, the newest method used in hair transplantation treatment is the FUE method. With the FUE method, the hair follicles taken from the nape area where the hair is not shed are transferred to the direction of hair growth with appropriate sized grafts. Thus, both the tissue is taken belongs to the person and it is possible to obtain a natural appearance as if the person’s own hair.

Hair transplantation is essentially a tissue transplant procedure and a surgical procedure. Therefore, it should not be seen as a simple operation. The duration of hair transplant treatment depends on the number of grafts to be transplanted. It is a process that takes an average of 5-8 hours depending on the amount, which method of hair transplant, and thinness of the hair to be transported.

Hair transplantation is a repeatable procedure. It is a treatment that can usually be performed in a single session. However, depending on the size of the sparse area, some patients may need to apply for second or third sessions. The amount of root that can be transported in a single session is certain (2500-3000). It depends on which method of hair transplant is performed but additional sessions should be applied when more is needed.

In the first period after hair transplant treatment, the transplanted hair is shed, and the hair is rested during this period. 3 months after the procedure, the transplanted hair will grow again stronger. However, it takes an average of 6-9 months for the hair to reach its own form, that is, the desired thickness and strength. Hair transplant treatment is not a treatment method whose results can be observed immediately. However, considering that the person has been exposed to hair loss for years, it will be necessary to be patient for a few more months for a fundamental solution.

The results obtained from hair transplant treatment are quite satisfactory. When looking from the outside, it is not understood that the newly growing hair has been processed. The person can have bushy hair that looks as natural as his own hair again.

After the hair transplant, it is necessary to wait 3-4 days before washing the hair. It is recommended to use special shampoos containing antibiotics in the first 2 weeks of the healing process.
Redness and bruising are not seen after hair transplant treatment, but it is normal to have scabs. People who do not want to attract attention can wear a hat for 1-2 weeks because it is an area that is exposed to unwanted glances.