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Initial Examination

The patient’s hair is analyzed with the help of the latest technology. Patient’s hair anatomy, hair loss pattern, medical history and personal story are documented.

Operation Plan

Patient’s personalized operation plan including number of grafts per area, natural front-line and temple design, transplant technique, anesthesia type and more is determined by our doctors to be shared and confirmed with the patient.

Hair Transplant Operation

The patient arrives at MedicalHair Clinic in the morning. Hair transplant operation is done in a single day by our doctors and their medical team. Afterwards, the patient gets informed of post-op protocols and her/his recovery starts.

Recovery Period

Our medical team puts together and closely monitors a personalized recovery package that may include medicine, lotions and laser treatment. After 12 months, it’s expected for the hair growth progress to be completed.

Dr.Sibel Ulusan

Dr. Sibel Ulusan

We transplant hair as a team of doctors in every part of the operation to ensure you get the hairline you deserve.

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I am a student at an overseas university. When I suddenly experienced an unexpected amount of hair loss, I decided to take on this hair transplant journey with Dr. Ulusan. I was very skeptical about the natural look but words are not enough to describe my happiness today. I can comfortably use any hair products and get a short or long haircut I wish. Many many thanks Dr. Sibel 🙂


I feel complete when I look at myself in the mirror at my 7th month after the procedure. Dr. Ulusan is a real talent. I thank her and recommend her clinic to everyone.


I also wasn’t expecting my hair to look this dense 4.5 months after the procedure. Thank you, MedicalHair…

Ömer Faruk GENEL

Thank you, Dr. Ulusan for this amazing transformation you brought into my life 4 years ago!


The hair prothesis I was using for many years was making me feel very uncomfortable. Thank you MedicalHair for providing me this look I have been longing for in just one session…

Mehmet TUNAY

I received the result I have been desiring at MedicalHair where I got in contact through reference


Thank you for everything. I am very pleased. Wishing you continued success. Send my greetings and regards to Doctor Ulusan.


My appearance is very important to me as I am in the photography business. Dr. Sibel Ulusan made me regain my confidence and feel good again when modeling and posing for photos. Thank you, appreciate it.


I realized I’ve missed combing through my hair 🙂 It’s so good to feel content and complete, Thanks to you Doc. Ulusan…

Mehmet Selim DABAĞ

I needed to look my best and feel confident to stay sucessful at my profession. My front-line recession and vertex hair loss prevented me to look this way and it caused a straggly unkempt image. Thanks to Dr. Sibel Ulusan, now I always feel game-ready 🙂


Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a medical operation that many people with hair loss problems choose to go through nowadays. Hair loss problem causes psychological, sociological and self-esteem issues to men and women. In ancient times, people who were having hair loss problems were covering their hair with hats, wigs and even olive branches (Julius Ceaser).

With the advancements in modern medicine and as a result of the new treatment methods becoming available, hair transplantation is now the solution to hair loss. We do our hair transplantation with the comfort and trust of the patients in mind and with the goal of ensuring our patients retrieve their hairline and become happier.


We are here to ensure your hair gets the healthy look you miss.

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