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How Does the Process Work?

Hair Analysis

The hair of individuals experiencing hair loss is analyzed with advanced technology equipment. The anatomical structure of the hair, hair loss patterns, and blood tests, along with a detailed history of the individual, are reported.

Planting Plan

A personalized hair transplantation plan is determined by our doctors and shared with the patient, including graft distribution according to areas, the most natural frontline and temple design, implantation technique, type of anesthesia, and more.

Hair Transplantation

The patient arrives at MedicalHair Clinic having completed their preparations. The operation is completed in one day under the guidance of our medical team led by our doctors. The individual is then sent for rest with post-op instructions, and the follow-up process begins closely.


The MedicalHair doctor team prepares a personalized recovery plan for the individual, which may include various medications, laser therapy, lotions, and supplements, and closely monitors the patient’s progress. The completion of the hair growth process is expected within twelve months.

Before and After the Operation

Before and after images of individuals who underwent hair transplantation.









Dr. Sibel Ulusan

We perform hair transplantation procedures with the assurance of Medical Hair and ensure that all our patients achieve their desired hair goals.


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Memnuniyet Yorumları

I am a student studying abroad, and unexpectedly found myself without hair. Two years ago, I decided to embark on this journey with Dr. Sibel Ulusan, which never crossed my mind before. I was very worried about whether it would look natural, but words cannot describe the happiness I feel today. I can comfortably use all kinds of sprays and styling products, and I can wear my hair as long or short as I want. I am very, very thankful to Dr. Sibel. 🙂

Barış Eralkan

On the 7th month mark, I truly feel visually complete. Dr. Sibel Ulusan is a true talent. I thank her and highly recommend her to everyone.

Oktay Demir

I didn’t expect my hair to become this dense in just 4.5 months. Thank you, MedicalHair…

Ömer Faruk Genel

Thank you, Dr. Sibel, for the amazing change you brought into my life four years ago!

Fatih Irmak

The hair prosthesis I used for years was quite uncomfortable for me. Thanks to MedicalHair for achieving this look in just one procedure.

Mehmet Tunay

I achieved the results I wanted at MedicalHair, where I came with references. Thank you!!

Cafer Soydaş

Thank you very much, I’m very satisfied with everything. I wish you continued success. Please convey my greetings to Dr. Sibel as well.

Ali Rıza Söyler

My appearance is very important to me, especially as I work in photography. Losing my hair was difficult, but thanks to Dr. Sibel, I can confidently pose for photos again. I feel good about myself. Thank you.

Kadir Kuşkaya

Due to my profession, it was important for me to constantly feel good about the appearance of my hair and overall look. The loss of my hairline and thinning at the crown made me feel unkempt. Thanks to Dr. Sibel, I now feel ready for daily life in terms of my appearance.

İnanç Kaymak

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation treatment is a method frequently sought after by individuals experiencing hair loss issues today. Hair loss problems can lead to psychological, sociological, and aesthetic issues for individuals, prompting them to seek hair transplantation treatment. In previous years, individuals dealing with hair loss problems used to conceal the balding area with hats, wigs, or olive branches (like Julius Caesar).

As a result of the advancement of modern medicine and the availability of new treatment methods in the field of aesthetics, hair transplantation treatment is now being performed. Hair transplantation is carried out comfortably and reliably, addressing both the psychological and aesthetic issues faced by patients with hair loss problems.

Hair transplantation treatment is a method frequently sought after by individuals experiencing hair loss issues today.

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