Creating a Natural Hairline in Hair Transplantation

During hair transplantation, creating the natural hairline with the grafts taken from the donor area requires skill. Grafts are not randomly placed. The grafts taken may contain single, double, triple, quadruple, or quintuple hair follicles. In other words, they can contain that many hair strands. A quintuple graft contains 5 hair strands. Placing quintuple grafts side by side creates a dense appearance. No matter how densely you place grafts behind or next to it, it cannot be as dense. The second issue is that there should not be too many quintuple grafts. Skill in hair transplantation is placing the grafts in the best way possible to achieve a dense and natural appearance.

Not everyone’s donor area contains the desired number of hair follicles. When creating the hairline, the follicles used start as single strands, then progress to double and triple strands. A mathematically symmetric arrangement cannot be made here. Otherwise, it would result in a doll-like appearance, or at the very least, the transplanted hair would stand out.

All of these issues are related to technique. This information is provided for the person undergoing hair transplantation to understand how much finesse is required in this process. It is possible to take hair follicles with very fine tips. However, if you damage them, they will not hold. If you take them too wide, you cannot transplant them densely. There is a limit to density. Placing a second follicle too close to a transplanted one can damage the other.

The number of grafts to be transplanted per square centimeter can vary between 45-100. But with the number of strands, density increases. Since the goal is a healthy and natural appearance, excessive density can ruin the natural appearance in some areas.